+ 12 °C average annual temperature


Average temperature
Summer + 22 °C  Winter + 1 °C


Rostov-on-Don has the most comfortable weather among all cities of over one million in Russia.

«Port of the five seas».

«Port of the five seas» is one of the informal names of Rostov. Rostov-on-Don has always been the transport crossroads of trade routes from north to south and from east to west.

Today Rostov is the most important transport center of Russia tied with thousands of invisible threads on land, by water and air with almost the whole world. Platov Airport in Rostov-on-Don is a modern international air hub with direct flights to many countries of the world.

24/7 + 365/12


Rostov-on-Don never sleeps. All year round, every month, every day, sports competitions, music and theater festivals, business and educational forums and thousands of other events are held here.

Top-5 by population in Russia


Rostov urban agglomeration has more than 2 million citizens. Rostov-on-Don is the southern capital of Russia, which continues to develop as an industrial, agrarian, financial center in the south of the country and creates excellent opportunities for business and career development.

Over 100 nationalities.


In the years since the Black Sea Greek polises and to date, the Don land has been a crossroads for the meeting and unification of cultures. Today more than 100 nationalities live in Rostov on a permanent basis. Being international since its inception, Rostov creates comfortable and safe living conditions and at the same time remains affordable at its cost.