Results of a survey of foreign students on the quality of higher education in Russia

Results of a survey of foreign students on the quality of higher education in Russia
08 July 2021 18:05


IPR MEDIA company, an industrial member of the network partnership “Russian Exporting Universitieshas monitored the level of satisfaction of foreign students at Russian universities by conducting a survey of foreign students from Russian universities about the quality of education during the pandemic. The survey was done from April 13 to June 6, 2021, during which studies for respondents were realized mainly in a remote format. The survey involved 851 foreign students from six universities - participants of the network partnership "Russian Exporting Universities": North-Eastern Federal University named after M.K. Ammosov; Altai State Technical University named after I. I. Polzunov; Penza State University; Perm State National Research University; Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation, and Rostov State University of Economics. The purpose of the survey was to analyze the current situation, identify the prospects for the development and increase the competitiveness of Russian education at the international level.  



It follows from the students' answers that, in the opinion of almost half of the respondents (48.2%), the quality of education has not changed. However, the options “got better” and “got worse” were distributed approximately equally: 22.3% and 22.6%, respectively. 



The higher the level of education of the respondent, the more positively (s)he is inclined to assess the quality of education during the pandemic. 


The vast majority of respondents are planning to continue their studies at Russian universities - 87.9%. Only 3.2% of respondents decided that they were not interested in this. 






This may indicate a high level of student motivation, their formed perception of the quality of Russian education, as well as positive experience gained. Thus, it is feasible to claim that there is a high degree of student satisfaction with the quality of educational services, a high demand for education in Russia. 



Almost half of the total number of respondents chose the following areas of studies when applying to Russian universities: 



medical and biological faculties - 48.2%, 



humanitarian areas of studies - 17.4%, 



economic areas of studies - 10%, 



which reflects the general trend in the selection of areas that are in demand among foreign applicants planning to study in Russia. 



In conclusion, it can be noted that this study confirms the argument that more and more foreigners are choosing Russian universities for studies, and interest in learning the Russian language is growing. In the modern realities of the pandemic, over a period of more than a year, foreign students began to better adapt to distance learning, they are less likely to express dissatisfaction with its quality and technical conditions. 



Reference: "Russian Exporting Universities" is a voluntary association of universities and experts that aims at solving the problems of exchanging practices and educational methods in terms of teaching foreign students, developing modern educational programs, attracting foreign students, improving competences in teaching Russian as a foreign language, developing the state testing system for the Russian language and others.