The third network project and educational intensive started at RSUE

The third network project and educational intensive started at RSUE
15 June 2021 16:32

On March 26, the third network project and educational intensive based on the model of the University 20.35 started. This year, three universities – Rostov State University of Economics, Izhevsk State Technical University named after M.T. Kalashnikov and Ulyanovsk State Technical University – will hold the intensive. 

RSUE’s rector Prof. Elena Makarenko opened the work of the project and educational intensive: 

- The project and educational intensive, according to the University model 20.35, is already becoming a network project: two more universities have joined our university. This proves that this format of cooperation between students and potential employers shows high efficiency and productive interaction, the rector noted. - I am sure that at the final presentation the teams will not only present interesting and promising projects, but will also have the opportunity to undergo an internship and get employed in the companies of industrial partners of the intensive. 

By results of the diagnostics, 90 students will take part in the design and educational intensive. The intensive will last for two months, where 15 teams under the guidance of competent mentors together with the customer will work on the real tasks of industrial partners. 

This year, student teams will work under case studies of leading regional companies and institutions, namely RIT LLC, Ecopark Kochetov gorodok, Geoinformation reference system, LLC UK "VELKOM GROUP", "Dodo Pizza", Bank Center-Invest, LLC "Matador", "Electronic services TNS energo", LLC “Specialized developer Alliance”, RC “Izmail Eco Quarter”, LLC "Yusfulsoft", Accenture, LLC "Ziferblat", RSUE, SDPP, LLC "International Export Agency" Svoi Lyudi ", RSUE’s StartUp Laboratory. 


At the end of the event, a working session of project teams with representatives of industrial partners took place. The customers got acquainted with the team that will work on the case, and also answered the students’ questions, explained the tasks and compared the directions for solving the case.