RSUE will participate in the International Engineering Championship "CASE-IN"

RSUE will participate in the International Engineering Championship "CASE-IN"
15 June 2021 16:31

The 9th season of the International Engineering Championship "CASE-IN", one of the projects of the presidential platform "Russia - the Land of Opportunities", started in Moscow. The new season is dedicated to the topic of "Sustainable Development" in Russia. 

The CASE-IN Championship Student League competition will be held for students from Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan in eight industry areas: geological exploration, mining, metallurgy, oil and gas business, petrochemistry, digital atom, electric power and a new area of ​​project engineering. 

RSUE confirmed its participation in the Digital Atom direction. Registration takes place on the website of the championship

In March and April, participants will have face-to-face or remote qualifying stages at 70 universities and semi-finals in each federal district. The selection process will start on March 18, 2021.  

Teams of students in each industry area will have to solve a three-stage case: at each next stage, the tasks on the case will become more complicated. Thus, the championship gives an opportunity even to 1st- and 2nd-year students to try their hand at the championship, and from 10 to 20 teams will be able to qualify for the finals of each of the student league industry areas. 

The cases are based on the most urgent tasks of the fuel and energy complex, the mineral resources sector and the nuclear industry, proposed by partner companies of the championship. For example, on doing the task of ALROSA company, future mining engineers will optimize the costs of ventilating the Udachny underground mine named after V.I. F.B. Andreeva in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), and geologists will "calculate" promising areas for subsequent exploration of minerals. 

As part of the Digital Atom direction, IT specialists will create a prototype of a digital system for remote immersion of new employees into the environment of ROSATOM. 

The winners and prize-winners of the championship will receive offers for traineeships, internships and employment in leading industry companies such as ALROSA, Rosatom, SIBUR and others. 20 partner universities will provide benefits for students when applying for master and postgraduate studies. Also, winners and prize-winners of 2018-2020 will be able to receive a presidential grant upon admission to master studies.