The selection of candidates for the 4th annual competition of governors "Leaders of Russia" including the track "International" with the possibility of obtaining Russian citizenship has been launched

The selection of candidates for the 4th annual competition of governors "Leaders of Russia" including the track "International" with the possibility of obtaining Russian citizenship has been launched
15 June 2021 16:31

On April 6, at 23:59 Moscow time, registration for the 4th competition of governors "Leaders of Russia", the flagship project of the presidential platform "Russia - the country of opportunities" will be closed. As part of the application campaign, contestants should fill in a biographical application and upload a video interview to their personal account. 

- The main difference of this year competition is the new tracks it entails. In addition to the tracks "Science" and "Healthcare" launched last year, the tracks "Business and Industry", "Public Administration", "Culture", and "Information Technologies" were launched. On April 8, 2021, the track "Students" was added to them (for those who have not got managerial experience yet). On April 14, the track “International” (for citizens of other countries who want to live and work in Russia) was launched. 

The goal of the track “International” is to attract highly qualified staff from all over the world, to show the openness and advantages of our country for a large number of people in other countries, as well as Russia's interest in supporting the Russian-speaking population living abroad. The award for the finalists of the track is the opportunity to obtain a residence permit in the Russian Federation (subject to compliance with the requirements of Russian legislation). The track winners go to the super final of the competition and receive an educational grant of 1 million rubles. The competition is an opportunity to become a part of the community of the best managers from all over the world.  

The competition comprises four stages. The first step is to register online and upload a video interview. The second is online testing (checking the verbal and numerical abilities of the candidates). It is followed by the semi-finals by federal districts (offline), in which the finalists are selected. At this stage, the participants are given tasks in which, along with leadership qualities, their ability to negotiate and organize teamwork is assessed. The winners of the competition will be determined by the final. 

The winners of the 4th competition “Leaders of Russia” will receive 1 million rubles to upgrade their qualification, as well as the opportunity to work with best managers in the country as mentors in the frame of the competition. The mentoring program in the 4th competition “Leaders of Russia” will expand and more than a hundred of the country's leading managers will work with the competitors: politicians, artists, scientists, doctors, heads of major Russian corporations, relevant ministries and many others. Each track will have its own mentors - experts in the field of specialization.  

Over three years of the competition, 660 106 applications were submitted for participation from all regions of Russia and 68 countries of the world. 900 participants were selected to the final and 313 candidates became winners. The indicator of the demand for participants is, among other things, appointments to leadership positions in government and business structures. Every year the competition reveals new names of people who help shape the image of the future of our country. 

Detailed information about tracks and stages of the competition: https://xn--d1achcanypala0j.xn--p1ai/