Wednesday January 17, 2018
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Workshop of Organizational Committee on establishment of the Black Sea and Eastern Mediterranean Academic Network


On October 7, the workshop of the organizational committee on the establishment of the Black Sea and Eastern Mediterranean Academic Network was held in the framework of the international Black Sea and Caspian Sea Cooperation Forum: Safety. Stability. Growth


Representatives of universities which supported the idea of the academic network establishment participated in the workshop on-site and in the form of a video conference.

In 2016, when signing a bilateral agreement on cooperation between Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and RSUE, Adam Albekov and Rector of the Greek University Pericles Mitkas introduced a joint initiative on the academic network establishment. Invitation letters with a proposition to support the initiative were furthermore sent to other universities.
“Rostov State University of Economics has developed relationships with universities forming the Black Sea and Eastern Mediterranean region due to the membership in the Association of Economic Universities of South and Eastern Europe and the Black Sea region (ASECU) including about 50 university members, − RSUE’s Rector Adam Albekov emphasized in his welcoming address. – Interaction is conducted on the basis of bilateral agreements in the framework of the European program “Erasmus+ Mobility”.

This initiative is the first step on the way to cooperation, realization of a multi-level project.
“A priority in the development of RSUE’s interaction within the region should be given to a joint initiative on the Black Sea and Eastern Mediterranean Academic Network establishment so as to intensify scientific and educational cooperation”, - Prof.Albekov added.

14 HEIs from 9 countries (Belarus, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Palestina, Russia and Turkey) of the region agreed on the network establishment.

Participants defined strategic goals of the network, the initial organizational and institutional form, date and venue of the founding conference of the Academic Network  at the workshop. To enhance productivity and coordination it was agreed to create a working group which would include representatives from each university that has confirmed its participation. 


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