Friday November 24, 2017
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Japan Foundation’s Toshiyuki Yamaguchi visited RSUE

The representative of Japanese Culture Department, Japan Foundation, visited RSUE on Friday, January 23. The guest of honor talked to academics of Foreign Languages for Humanities Department (Faculty of Linguistics and journalism).

Mr.Yamaguchi was interested in the experience and perspectives of studying and learning Japanese in the South of Russia. Currently RSUE is the only university in the Rostov region which turns out the orientalists knowing one of the East Asian languages: Japanese, Korean or Chinese. About 30 students study language, culture and economics of the Land of rising sun now, graduates successfully employed in business and education.

Foreign Languages for Humanities Department’s head Prof. Nadezhda Evdokimova shared the University’s plans of development. The first application for Master in Oriental Studies postgraduate program is scheduled on summer 2015. The course is suitable for students with no oriental language background. According to Prof. Evdokimova, the program is very intense, but the experience and skills of the Department’s teachers, including native speakers, provides the unique opportunity to get linguistic training in 2 years.

Yamaguchi-sensei appreciated the Department’s initiative and with the wishes of success presented to the teachers the latest Japanese textbooks. He invited RSUE’s academics to take part in cultural and educational activities of Japan Foundation, including the training and communication of experience.

 Honored guest discussed the possibilities of cooperation between the Russian and Japanese universities with the RSUE International Office’s head Oleg Bodiagin, went round the University’s main hall, sports complex and headed to the meeting with Rostov students studying Japanese.

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