Friday November 24, 2017
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RSUE researchers speak at International business events in Rostov

November 11-12, scientists and educators of Rostov State University of Economics took part in Don International Business Forum on investment and innovative activity of entrepreneurs and development of youth business. The event was organized by Investment Development Ministry of Rostov Region and brought together the officials and representatives of state and public institutions, businessmen and researches. Panel discussion on main macroeconomic trends and regional economic policy stood as field of interest for lead scientists from departments of International Economics, National and Regional Economics, Commerce and Logistics.

Next week, 19 - 20 November, RSUE’s Faculty of Management and Business

hosted the XIII Annual International scientific theoretical and practical conference for young scientists and students on Innovation strategy and management mechanisms. This year the conference was timed to coincide with Global Entrepreneurship week that Faculty participates annually.

In the framework of the conference were discussed the issues of status, functioning and development of socio-economic systems; institutional aspects of the economic systems development; planning and forecasting sustainable development of economic entities; the formation of models and mechanisms of functioning and development of economic systems under conditions of innovative economy and many others.

The conference was attended by guest from Simferopol (Crimea) E. Mashyanova, senior lecturer of Taurida National University named after V. Vernadsky, who noted the high level of students’ erudition and quality of prepared reports.

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