Friday November 24, 2017
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Rostov college of finance and economics affiliates RSUE

The Government of Russian Federation has made a decision to liquidate the six branches of the Financial University. According to government’s order several branches of Financial University under the Government of Russian Federation go into the universities of the cities they are located in.

“Together with the management of these universities we analyzed the possibility of branches transmission and came to the decision affiliating to local universities would make education process more effective. Thus, the Volgograd branch of the Financial University goes into Volgograd state University, North-Caucasian branch becomes a part of Dagestan state University, Rostov branch goes into Rostov state university of economics”, says the rector of Financial University Mikhail Eskindarov.

The leaders of the mentioned universities signed the agreement and plan of reorganization of branches to protect all rights of teachers and students. This year branches graduates get diplomas of the Financial University, and next year’s - diplomas of local universities.

At the moment the affiliation of Taganrog teachers training institute named after A.P. Chekhov to RSUE is completed.

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