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VUA General Assembly 2013: Results and Development Prospects

The General Assembly of the Visegrad University Association gathered 50 representatives of universities from 22 countries at the Mendel University in Brno, Czech Republic, on 13-14 September 2013.  RSUE, as one of the founders of the Association back in 2011, was represented the Rector of our University – Professor Adam Albekov.

The General Assembly traditionally critically evaluates the total period of the previous activities of the Association and makes strategic decisions on Association’s operation and development for future periods.

Association activity in 2013 was fruitful: there were held two major scientific forums for academics and post-graduate students, one international summer school for students, were issued two joint monographs, was launched the new scientific journal of the Association on Bioeconomy and Sustainable Development.

The next year will be very significant for VUA. In 2014, the Association will sum up the results of joint project “Sustainability in Agrisector of V4 Countries and Cooperating Regions” which was the starting point for cooperation between universities and the Visegrad University Association itself was created within this project. Today the Association does not limit the scope of its interests only to the problems of development of agrarian sector. Current objectives of the university-members are to seek the ways and tools of sustainable development of the countries and regions, represented in the Association, mainly through improvement of the quality of their educational services and joint research. This is the issue that is the main subject of discussions and debates when VUA is developing its plans of activities at each General Assembly.

Two initiatives, among those that were discussed at the General Assembly, will have the key importance  for the further development of the Association. The first one is the establishment of the Commission (Board) that will decide which university can get the Award of Excellence. There were elected 6 leading experts in the field of higher education from the VUA university- members, and Professor Albekov was among them. Annually the experts will select among the 50 university-members of the Association 3 candidates for this high award. The prize will be awarded by the resolution of the General Assembly to one of three nominees, who shows the best practice in the field of higher education quality and the development of international academic and scientific cooperation.

The other important and promising decision of the General Assembly was the initiative of creation of VUA Youth. As far as the «Mother» Association over the time demonstrated the mutual interest of universities to develop long-term partnership, the General Assembly agreed with the idea that students of the participating universities should be the direct recipients of benefits from existing broad international relations. Moreover, in addition to their personal development and better education, they should initiate, organize and carry out various scientific, academic and cultural activities, of course, basing on the experience and financial capabilities of their “older” colleagues. In 2011 RSUE initiated creation and organized the Constituent Meeting of the Students’ Association of the Southern and Eastern Europe and the Black Sea Region Economic Universities (ASECU Youth); and positive experience and good results of its work give grounds to believe that the initiative of creation of VUA Youth has great prospects.

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