Tuesday November 21, 2017
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Recalling ASECU Youth


Vernezi -_picture 

Ekaterina Vernezi

This year I was lucky to take part  in the International Student Conference and Summer School, hold by Students’ Association of South and eastern Europe and the Black Sea Region Economic Universities (ASECU Youth) for the third time. Every student can take part in the activities of this Association, all you need is a knowledge of English, good level of knowledge in the field of economics, and of course a strong wish. This year's conference was held at a remarkably beautiful and friendly Montenegrin town of Kotor, located on the shore of the Bay of Kotor, Adriatic sea. More than 80 students from different countries had the opportunity to present their papers within the topic "Knowledge economy and its impact on the development of the countries from East and South East Europe."

For me, it was a very interesting experience, not only in terms of the preparation and presentation of our papers during the conference, but also it was a great opportunity to see the presentations of our colleagues - students from other countries, and of course to listen to the lectures of one of the best professors from university-members of the association.

Despite the fact that most of the time we spent in the walls of the Faculty of Economics of Kotor, we had time to know each other, we met new friends and together we managed to get acquainted with the famous "old" part of the town of Kotor, to feel the aroma of the sea, walking along the embankment of the city and to make a memorable cruise through the picturesque islands of one of the most beautiful bays in the world.

In general, those days were filled with friendliness, smiles, positive and good mood.

 Shvetsov -_picture

Nikolay Shvetsov

ASECU Youth is an Association of universities, though, it is possible to call it a family of universities, teachers and students, and yes it is a big friendly family. To my deepest regret I didn't participate in two previous conferences, but I was lucky to go to the third meeting of association, and not somewhere, but to Montenegro – a country of great landscapes, the Adriatic Sea, to the country with rich history, majestic constructions of old times, and, certainly, it is impossible to forget about stormy night life of this land. This is how was held the 3rd international conference of Students’ Association of South and eastern Europe and the Black Sea Region Economic Universities.

So this event lasted from July 15 to July 20, but what was there? 

Conference took 2 days, and it was colorful and unforgettable. During our meetings we listened and after we discussed the works of our colleagues from other countries, we exchanged interesting thoughts and ideas. And of course we worked ourselves, presenting our papers in English, thus getting language practice. We listened to interesting lectures of teachers from leading universities of Greece, Romania, Macedonia and other countries which captured all attention of listeners, and after had various discussions with them, arguing our the points of view as equals. It is even possible to say with confidence that there were no teachers and pupils, there were colleagues, older and younger, and it was great!

But conference came to the end, and all of us together went to spend the remained free time (night). We gathered with friends from other countries, though there were no foreigners, at such moments all national distinctions were simply erased, language barriers left, we became all citizens of one country, under the name of ASECU Youth, and it was cool! And I hope very much that I’ll catch my luck once again and will join this wonderful and colorful world again, that time in other country.


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