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3rd International Conference of Students’ Association of South and Eastern Europe and the Black Sea Region Economic Universities

Students’ Association of South and Eastern Europe and the Black Sea Region Economic Universities (ASECU Youth) continues its active work. University of Montenegro hosted the 3rd International Conference «Knowledge Economy - Impact on Sustainable Development of the Countries from East and South-East Europe» in July 15 - 20, 2013 at Kotor. The conference was attended by 94 participants from 17 universities of 12 countries (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Ukraine and USA). The delegation of RSUE was presented by 6 students.

Activities in Montenegro had a great importance for the Association – it summed up the results of its first reporting period. On behalf of the Board the report was presented by the first President of ASECU Youth (student of RSUE) - Ekaterina Vernezi. Despite its young age, the Association managed to achieve a lot: hold three international conferences in Russia, Romania and, this year, in Montenegro; two contests for the Best Student Scientific Paper in Economic Field; two summer schools for students from participating universities; developed ASECU Youth website; increased number of members from 9 to 12 countries.

Association has big plans for the future and the new Board, which has recently being reelected for the next 2 years (according to the Association’s Charter) will initiate and realize them. Nikolay Shvetsov, student of RSUE, was elected as Russia's representative at the Association, and as his deputy - Anastasia Rybasova, student of Southern Federal University. By secret voting there were elected 7 members of the new Board, and Nikolay Shvetsov was among them. The members of the new Board elected their President, whom for the next two years became Philip Petrovich, University of Montenegro.

Among the most important part of activities in Montenegro certainly was the scientific conference - «Knowledge Economy - Impact on Sustainable Development of the Countries from East and South-East Europe». Such conference is a unique scientific ground for students where they can get acknowledged with scientific schools of other countries, understand concerns of young economists and their instructors from abroad, get acquainted with unique approaches to learning and methods, or vice versa feel the universality of economic science and compare their level of training with their peers. The competent jury, consisting of professors of the six countries, has defined the best presentations. Among 47 papers, presented on the conference, the jury noted the top 5 presentation and also 5 presentation of the “second tier”. We are happy that Ekaterina Vernezi’s presentation «Education in the Knowledge Based Economy: the Case of Russia» was among the top-5 papers, while Nikolay Shvetsov’s presentation «Innovative Economy of Russia: Realities and Prospects» was among the 2nd tier 5-top papers. The authors of the top-5 papers got an opportunity to present them at the “mother” ASECU Conference which will be held in Montenegro in 2014.

The program of the 5 days of stay was very busy, full of with academic and scientific activities, nevertheless the students got the opportunity to get acquainted with extremely beautiful and hospitable Montenegro, country of sea, mountains and sky – which is another unique advantage of ASECU Youth.

The next conference will be held at University of Rzeszów, Poland, in summer 2014.

Comments: in 2011 RSUE was an initiator of creation of international student association within the Association of Economic Universities of the South and Eastern Europe and the Black Sea Region (ASECU). A unique idea to create efficient institutional platform for academic, scientific and cultural contacts for young economists and managers got support among the ASECU members.

In September 2011 students from 14 universities from 9 countries of South and Eastern Europe and the Black Sea region gathered in Rostov to held the constitutional activities in order to establish the Association. Ekaterina Vernezi, the fourth year student of RSUE, was elected as the first President of newly established Association.

More detailed information concerning the activities of ASECU Youth can be found at www.asecuyouth.org

If you are a student of RSUE and want to join the Association, you can contact the International Office of RSUE (office 528, phone +7 863 2370253, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ).

For photos click here.

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