Friday November 24, 2017
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Anniversary of Belarus State Economic University – Visit to Minsk

14th – 17th of May the delegation of the our university, headed by the Rector, Prof. Albekov, and the Senior Vice-Rector, Prof. Kuznetsov, visited Belarus State Economic University in Minsk. Kindred Belarusian University which historic roots also originated form a unique Soviet system of institutions of the national economy these days celebrated its 80th anniversary (RSUE is 2 years older, and celebrated a similar anniversary in 2011).

Solemn events gathered in Minsk rectors of BSEU’s partner-universities from CIS countries and far abroad, and that also gave to the heads of the leading economic institutions a unique opportunity to personally discuss topical issues of development of higher economic education in their countries, as well as the strategic prospects of development of the international academic and scientific cooperation in the framework of community of economic universities. Prof. Albekov initiated project, supported by his colleagues, to start coordination of the processes of development of strategic interaction between the leading economic universities in the post-soviet area.

For photos see Gallery.

Day of Vietnam

In the very end of April Rostov State University of Economics hosted Vietnamese students who study in our city for cultural celebrations dedicated to the Reunification Day (Ngày Thng nht) or Victory Day (Ngày Chiến thng) - one of the main Vietnamese holidays since April 30, 1975.

Celebrations were initiated by students themselves and included very colorful presentation of the country, its history and traditions, national songs and dances.

For photos see Gallery.

Trip to Starocherkassk

On the 25th of April our foreign students had a trip to Starocherkassk to feel the real local color of Cossack village (called “stanitsa”). Students were guided by Victor, a member of Rostov eparchy, who told the students a lot of interesting facts about our steppe nature and the monastery which was a part of the trip’s ‘places to visit’.

In Starocherkassk the group was met by Father Nagapet who gave a tour around St. Donskoy Monastery where students witnessed a part of service (‘mystagogy’), typical for Great Lent, Bell Tower and Resurrection Army Cathedral with the unique wooden iconostasis. The Father also told about the lifestyle of Cossacks, their laws and traditions, history of the village and its memorable dates.

For photos see our Gallery.

Congratulations to our finalists of the Yegor Gaidar Summer Leadership Program

We are happy to congratulate our 3 students - Kovaleva Valeriya, Malutina Daria and  Sementsov Stanislav who became the finalists of the contest for The Yegor Gaidar Summer Leadership Program!

The Program is a joint project of the Yegor Gaidar Foundation and The U.S. Russian Foundation which enables young Russian leaders to acquire the knowledge, skills, and practical experience necessary for building a dynamic market economy.

20 winners will have a unique opportunity to spend 4 weeks at Purdue university (USA) in July 2013 and get introduced to entrepreneurship and start-up company development along with educational, practical application, networking and cultural activities.

Presentation of Double Diploma Program

Presentation of Double Degree Program "Bachelor of Business Administration" RSUE - European University

 Оn the 1st of April 2013 our students had a unique opportunity to ask their questions directly to Ms. Olga Lomonosova - representative of the European University, campus Barcelona, who came to Rostov specially to meet with RSUE students and tell them about the opportunities of Double Degree program, realized between our universities, advantages of studying at the European University and living  in a wonderful city of Barcelona.

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