Tuesday September 26, 2017
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Japan Foundation’s Toshiyuki Yamaguchi visited RSUE

The representative of Japanese Culture Department, Japan Foundation, visited RSUE on Friday, January 23. The guest of honor talked to academics of Foreign Languages for Humanities Department (Faculty of Linguistics and journalism).

Mr.Yamaguchi was interested in the experience and perspectives of studying and learning Japanese in the South of Russia. Currently RSUE is the only university in the Rostov region which turns out the orientalists knowing one of the East Asian languages: Japanese, Korean or Chinese. About 30 students study language, culture and economics of the Land of rising sun now, graduates successfully employed in business and education.

Foreign Languages for Humanities Department’s head Prof. Nadezhda Evdokimova shared the University’s plans of development. The first application for Master in Oriental Studies postgraduate program is scheduled on summer 2015. The course is suitable for students with no oriental language background. According to Prof. Evdokimova, the program is very intense, but the experience and skills of the Department’s teachers, including native speakers, provides the unique opportunity to get linguistic training in 2 years.

Yamaguchi-sensei appreciated the Department’s initiative and with the wishes of success presented to the teachers the latest Japanese textbooks. He invited RSUE’s academics to take part in cultural and educational activities of Japan Foundation, including the training and communication of experience.

 Honored guest discussed the possibilities of cooperation between the Russian and Japanese universities with the RSUE International Office’s head Oleg Bodiagin, went round the University’s main hall, sports complex and headed to the meeting with Rostov students studying Japanese.

РГЭУ (РИНХ) вошел в сеть вузов-партнеров Посольства Франции в России

Ректором РГЭУ (РИНХ) профессором А.У. Альбековым и Советником по культурному и образовательному сотрудничеству Посольства Франции в РФ Ф. Вуари подписано Соглашение о присоединении нашего университета к сети вузов-партнеров Посольства Франции в России.

Среди регламентированных Соглашением основных направлений взаимодействия РГЭУ (РИНХ) и Посольства Франции в РФ – сотрудничество в области проведения образовательных семинаров, научных конференций, культурно-просветительских форумов, ориентированных на развитие российско-французских межуниверситетских связей, распространение французского языка в России и русского языка во Франции, разработка и внедрение совместных образовательных, культурных, исследовательских проектов.

Предполагается, что в рамках реализации предусмотренной Соглашением Программы взаимодействия мощный импульс к развитию получит многоаспектное сотрудничество РГЭУ (РИНХ) с Университетом братьев Люмьер Лион-2 (г. Лион), Университетом Дю Мэн (г. Ле Ман) и другими вузами Франции; при этом значительная часть совместных мероприятий РГЭУ (РИНХ) и Посольства Франции в РФ будет реализована на площадке Таганрогского института имени А.П. Чехова (филиала) РГЭУ.

RSUE researchers speak at International business events in Rostov

November 11-12, scientists and educators of Rostov State University of Economics took part in Don International Business Forum on investment and innovative activity of entrepreneurs and development of youth business. The event was organized by Investment Development Ministry of Rostov Region and brought together the officials and representatives of state and public institutions, businessmen and researches. Panel discussion on main macroeconomic trends and regional economic policy stood as field of interest for lead scientists from departments of International Economics, National and Regional Economics, Commerce and Logistics.

Next week, 19 - 20 November, RSUE’s Faculty of Management and Business

hosted the XIII Annual International scientific theoretical and practical conference for young scientists and students on Innovation strategy and management mechanisms. This year the conference was timed to coincide with Global Entrepreneurship week that Faculty participates annually.

In the framework of the conference were discussed the issues of status, functioning and development of socio-economic systems; institutional aspects of the economic systems development; planning and forecasting sustainable development of economic entities; the formation of models and mechanisms of functioning and development of economic systems under conditions of innovative economy and many others.

The conference was attended by guest from Simferopol (Crimea) E. Mashyanova, senior lecturer of Taurida National University named after V. Vernadsky, who noted the high level of students’ erudition and quality of prepared reports.

Rostov college of finance and economics affiliates RSUE

The Government of Russian Federation has made a decision to liquidate the six branches of the Financial University. According to government’s order several branches of Financial University under the Government of Russian Federation go into the universities of the cities they are located in.

“Together with the management of these universities we analyzed the possibility of branches transmission and came to the decision affiliating to local universities would make education process more effective. Thus, the Volgograd branch of the Financial University goes into Volgograd state University, North-Caucasian branch becomes a part of Dagestan state University, Rostov branch goes into Rostov state university of economics”, says the rector of Financial University Mikhail Eskindarov.

The leaders of the mentioned universities signed the agreement and plan of reorganization of branches to protect all rights of teachers and students. This year branches graduates get diplomas of the Financial University, and next year’s - diplomas of local universities.

At the moment the affiliation of Taganrog teachers training institute named after A.P. Chekhov to RSUE is completed.

Skype-Conference of Young scientists of Russia and Ukraine

Rostov State University of Economics and the Institute of Market Problems and Economic-Ecological Research of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, organized a meeting of their young scientists - a round table via Skype-conference, dedicated to the 95th anniversary of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine which is widely celebrated by our Ukrainian colleagues.

Development of science and its reform are urgent issues for our countries at present. Therefore, those who gathered at the round table (students, post-graduates, young teachers and scientific employees) had enough topics to discuss. The conversation was lively and informal, young scientists actively talked about their victories, plans and difficulties. Participants agreed that the dialogue they had was interesting and useful both in professional and personal aspects and should be continued.

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